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We help teams, collaboratives and communities learn together and build collective efficacy.


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KRD has a 10-year track record of supporting client partners across the non-profit, public and private sectors.

We offer an eclectic mix of skillsets not usually found in one agency, and a commitment to work rooted in ethical relationship. Where others see scope creep, we see opportunity for learning and emergent support.

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We are deeply curious about human systems and the capacity for change. We use our work as a platform to grow collective potential through fostering connection, curiosity and commitment.

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In this space, we share some thoughts, ideas and other information you might find useful for topics of collective efficacy.

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You can find us working throughout Canada and abroad, but we have a permanent base, too:

KRD Consulting Group
1206 20 Ave SE,
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Data & Technology

We build websites, back-end management systems, and databases to simplify technology and put it to use in your work. Unlike traditional technology service providers, we offer an integrated approach to help you understand the real and potential fit of data and technology in your overall strategy.

Some free, open-source solutions we harness to your use include:

  1. Drupal / Wordpress
  2. CiviCRM
  3. Moodle
  4. ABCD
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and the world.

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Zulfira Pulotova

As a Social Development professional with over 10 years of program management, organizational development, and research experience at the community, national and international levels in non-profit and public sectors, Zulfira has a track record of successful program design and implementation, managing organizational monitoring and evaluation systems, and providing valuable evidence-based information on community development issues to multiple stakeholders motivating them for collaboration and advocating for policy changes.

Zulfira holds an honours Masters in Social Work and an honours Masters in Public Administration from Boise State University. In service to local and international communities, she strives to emphasize public participation, empowerment and voice amplification.

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Erin McFarlane

Erin has worked across a variety of organizations and issue areas within Calgary’s nonprofit sector over the past 12 years in community development, project management, administrative, volunteer coordination, event planning, field supervision, website coordination, evaluation, and research roles. She joined KRD Consulting Group in March 2016 as a lead consultant for the NCN Canada program.

Erin holds a BA in Sociology and an MSW in Community Development, and is a Registered Social Worker. She has also worked with the CommunityWise Resource Centre, a multi-sector nonprofit centre, in a co-management role since 2013. Erin has supported multiple complex collaboratives, including The Way In Network and the Elder Broker Program, and has facilitated deeper engagement contexts in both in-person and online communities of practice. Erin is passionate about participatory processes, organizational equity, capacity-building, and reflective practice.

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Christie Smith

Christie is a Registered Social Worker who has five years of experience working in a variety of Community Development, Community Economic Development, and service provision programs in Calgary and Edmonton. As a recent transplant to Edmonton, Christie has focused on supporting senior serving resources in the city.

Christie has facilitated participatory Program and Impact Evaluations using a breadth of tools, including Theory of Change, Outcome Harvesting, and Program Logic Models in service of data collection and analysis, and external and internal reporting. Her experience and desire to keep learning fuel her commitment to discover new realms to apply her skills. She is energized by the individual and social transformations that can emerge through participatory community development approaches and is excited to facilitate these processes with groups and organizations.

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Roman Katsnelson

As a founder of KRD, Roman has provided collective efficacy supports to clients in the non-profit, public and private sectors for over 10 years. Prior to consulting, Roman held leadership and senior leadership positions in IT, education, human services and community development sectors in the United States and Canada. He earned a summa cum laude degree in Philosophy in his 20ies and an MBA in Community Economic Development in his 30s. He is fascinated by the richness of what we humans get up to, and loves consulting work for the opportunity it affords him to put his skills in service of a diversity of missions and ideas.

Roman is a student of Servant Leadership, Dialogic Organizational Development, and Learning-focused Evaluation. His commitment is to using collective learning to achieve transformation through every project.

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We combine approaches from Systems Thinking and Action Research to build transformational evaluation experiences. We are equally comfortable as primary evaluators and as coaching supports to internal staff. Much of our own learning is in this area, to add to our menu of approaches. Some include:

  1. Theory of Change
  2. Program Logic Models
  3. Outcome Mapping
  4. Social Network Analysis
  5. Outcome Harvesting
  6. Reflective Practice
  7. System Mapping
Eval Projects

Strategy & Change Management

We help organizations augment their collective capacity to create social change. Our experienced consultants are committed about helping you do change right. Using Community Development principles and Dialogic Organizational Development techniques, we can help you with Strategic Planning, Business Planning, Program Design and implementation processes.

Strategy Projects

Training & Facilitation

We offer online and in-person training courses in ethical leadership, evaluative thinking, and effective collaboration. And if you need occasional support in facilitating community or team meetings, we are able to step in and provide effective support.

Facilitation Projects